Jackbox Party

Hi all. So I’ve got the Jackbox collection and would be able to host a games night (or several) for those who are interested.

All you need is:

  • computer so you can access either Google Hangouts or discord (we’ll all have to use same one)
  • phone to access the game and use it as your controller. (You can probably do this from your computer if you have two monitors or want to use smaller windows on a single monitor.

Basically I screen share the game and we all play from our phones. The screen sharing also functions as a conf call for some laughs.

If anyone is interested let me know! No purchase required!


Hehehe sounds cool. Which timezone are we talking about?

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This is Mudspike, we only recognize UTC! :rofl:



I definitely interested! But it depends if I’m busy.

I’m in.