James Webb Space Telescope

Saw this and thought I’d share. The image of NGC 4907 is spectacular!


Uhmm… are you sure?

I am fairly certain that Webb isn’t even aligned yet.

I would also expect them to look quite different, those pics look like they are from Hubble.

Edit: also if you look at other videos by that channel I have some additional doubts.

Edit2: the pics still look nice though! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I don’t think that they have finished telescope setup yet. I think (I could be wrong) that at the current point in the configuration phase, they couldn’t generate an image like that. Not yet.

Where Is Webb? NASA/Webb

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Thanks for the correction. I didn’t look very closely, just auto-posted. :grin:


First image is here!

Image description

You can keep up with the images as they come in here,


This is amazing in full res:

Incredibly beautiful.

And of course the spectra of an exoplanet, this to me is just unbelievably exciting:

I am really looking forward to seeing more.



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Got myself a t-shirt (and a hoodie) :smiley:


Did anyone else here think when they first heard about this years and years ago that it was called the Jack Webb telescope and wonder WTF NASA was doing with that name?

Or was it just me thinking they wanted to interrogate space?
“Just the facts, M87.”

Never heard of Jack Webb, so no.

I did however think “when will they finally stop naming stuff after people”.


Well Dragnet was quite a few years ago now, and was probably not very well known outside the US.

“Just the facts, ma’am” - Dragnet, circa 1967.

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Back to the thread. My favorite Webb image thus far…


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You mean “favorite image jokingly attributed to it” of course. :wink:

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How could something so delicious be fake!?