Jennifer Lawrence in a zero gravity pool...(bathing not for work maybe)


Yes, please.

Oh yeah- go on… chastise me for putting up some Ms. Upton but suddently this is all good…
So good…


uh… what was I saying?


Wow… look at those curves…

what a nice space ship!

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Video reminded me of a documentary of an astronaut where (iirc) his aircon pack was leaking water into his helmet. Thephysics behind 0g and water tension meant he was in danger of drowning even though his helmet was not filled with water.

(of course i noticed jennifer lawrence)

Water? What water?

Ya I’ll pass on swimming in artificial grav. Thanks.

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I feel like that was Chris Hatfield

Zero Gravity Swimming pool will be a feature in Star Citizen as DLC…Jennifer Lawrence avatar for Character Creator available post Character Creator Module release.


I’d Marry her, no questions asked.

You will have to wait until my divorce papers are completed

May the Odds be forever in your favor.

I see her and think, “meh.” I’m just not that into her.

Now Jennifer Connelly is a different matter altogether.