Joint Base Lewis McChord

To start off, I would just like to say that this forum format is great! I really like the look and feel of this space. I think I have found a primary forum home. As the title of my post states, My partner Ripcord and I are creating both Fort Lewis (Gray AAF) and McChord AFB for P3d, and more specifically ORBX PNW owners. I hope to one day migrate it into ARMA 3 as well. Will post a couple of WIP screenshots when I get home from work. We are using 1’ per pixel HD photoreal backgrounds -Woog



Looking forward to the screenshots. Those bases sound like a decent amount of work - is it something you’ve been working on for long?

A couple of weeks. Version 1 will utilize a couple of well known libraries just to get it out the door. Rest assured we are creating our own library as well. All versions of this scenery will of course be freeware. -Woog

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@Woogey - Thanks for the kind words. Frog has done an incredible job getting the forums working smoothly and I’m just in awe at his technical prowess. I’ll be interested to see Ft. Lewis and McChord for P3D. I just bought $200+ worth of Orbx scenery in this sale in May (gulp). I’ve only installed it into P3D at this point because P3D is just so darn beautiful. I’ll be interested to take the C-17 or A400M into your bases! I have a ton of exploring to do on that Orbx scenery…


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