Joint Warrior Tac View

This is a pretty cool video:

Strategic view of the air battle that took place on the 11th of July 2015 as part of the 104th’s & 51st event Joint Warrior 4, sped up 16 times.

Joint Warrior is a 3 hour Multi Player event that consists of 4 teams with equal numbers going head to head. The goal is to defend their own ground assets while also destroying the enemy ground units and aircraft.

This is a qualifying round to get into the finals, the winner of this match goes forward to play the winners from the second round taking place on the 19th of July. The Red side are flying as the ‘Red’ Team and the Blue side are flying as the ‘Orange’ Team.

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That’s awesome! It’s interesting to see how some of the formations fell apart once the battle starts. Seems like the folks that stuck together survived. The tempo of the battle goes up and down, too. Some intense fighting for a while, then pure boredom as each side regroups. Would love to fight a massively coordinated battle like this, but it definitely takes some training and group cooperation to get to this level of coordination.