Jorg Interview and Vive la France!

Decent interview here.

It looks like the next World Update after the UK is going to be France and Benelux for World Update #4. I guess it’ll be nice (a beautiful part of the world), but was sort of expecting somewhere further away this time, as in maybe South Korea or even somewhere less flown, like South Africa or the Middle East. I guess the aerial data has to be good for Bluesky to do stuff with it. Anyone really keen on France as the location? :fr: :baguette_bread:

One other thing in the interview was that in the French update they do plan to start putting in more AI aircraft types and proper liveries from carriers, to make the airports/traffic look more realistic. The issue is getting permission, but they want to do it from ‘locations’ each time, so expect at least Air France I guess.

I think there is also all sorts of community efforts, to port over P3D/FSX models on existing AI/traffic/models, but every time I look it seems to have devolved into a sort of Lord of the Flies conflict, where people get all ‘I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION!?!’ over their 17 year old Ryan Air paint skin they did for Century of Flight. Dunno, not really been following it closely. It does seem like a very tribal area, so maybe good that Asobo is doing something.