Joystick not seen

Hey Mudspike, can you take a look at this screenshot or anyone else that may help me. For some reason in BMS and DCS, my joystick is not seen either it does show it is recognized in the beginning as the screenshot shows, and then it told me the filter is wrong or something like that. I’ve never had a problem when running win 7 but as soon as I was forced to switch

to win 10 all Hell broke loose.

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Does Windows detect your controllers and recognize button presses? Would be a good place to start. If not, you probably need to update your motherboard drivers to support USB.

Sometimes, a simple unplug/re-plugging of the controller will do the trick.

Hey everyone, Thanks to all who replied to this post. Now after researching all day I decided to read everything that’s in green and found this(//Next are some useful tips from the BMS Warthog Forum.
//BMS Warthog Forum, Mud’s Profile, #154. Mud said one thing I had to do myself in Windows 10 is disabled advanced
//power saving for my USB devices. Before I did that, TARGET was unable to find the Warthog. Check this link
//on how to do it: if you have this problem. You can skip the first
//6 steps listed in the referenced Microsoft document. The reason you can skip the first 6 steps is that it’s much
//easier to get the Product ID, Vendor ID, and Instance directly from the “output window” of the TARGET software
//beginning with "USB HID device ‘Throttle’ " and "USB HID device ‘Joystick’. Then you can begin with step 7 to
//easily adjust the Windows 10 registry.) So I think this may be the problem-solution We’re looking for or at least I am. Then I saw another post here that others are having the same problem. I’m running a new set-up it’s a Rysen 7x 3700x, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super, 332 GB 2400, 2TB M.2, 1 TBG SSD, 3 Viewsonic monitors, BlueTooth and 1 Killer 1650 modem, Killer control panel. Anyways I’ll let you’ll know how it works out.


Hey Guys, Update on the joystick and the power management on the USB devices. Well, everything works Great now after going into the registry changes that were made. It not hard to do and it did work for now. Thanks, everyone.


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A faster way to disable it is to use Nirsoft’s USBDview.

When you have found your device in USBDeview, it is just right click and click Open in RegEdit.

It can be downloaded here:

Happy Simming