JTAC MGRS conversion

I seem to be facing a severe PEBKAC issue in that I can’t for the life of me get MGRS conversion to function correctly.

I’m playing the Georgian Hammer campaign converted for the Viper, and each time the JTAC gives me MGRS coordinates and i punch them into the STPT page and press enter on CNVRT, the DED goes blank and I can only reset my entry. I’m resorting to going to the F10 map to get the coordinates in hours, degrees, minutes and punching those in directly, but that kind of breaks immersion. I’ve tried rounding the 8 digit MGRS the JTAC gives me to 6 digit or zero-padding it to 10 digit to no avail, it always jumps to reset.

If I’m off about the grid zone designator, my understanding is that conversion should work but the markpoint will then be off the reservation, so I guess that’s not it.

Any other ideas what could be the kulprit?

Edit: I guess a picture’s worth more than a 1000 words so here goes:

Ok, so turns out I was wrong about the grid zone. Punched in a coordinate, then converted it to MGRS and saw that I should be in GZ 38T and not 37T. Once I use the correct GZ, everything works.


Do you use a web converter or some app ?

been there done that.

You can do it directly in the DED, check out Wags’ vid on youtube.

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Bumping a thread. Since the AI JTAC only gives in MGRS, can that be directly input into the DED (Wpts 21-25)? Dobber SEQ right to the CNVRT?

Exactly. Wags describes the procedure in this vid

When you’re done with entering the fields, dobber down one more time to CNVRT and press enter.

I am curious why the DED page puts elevation at the bottom of the list, when in the 9 line it comes first. A simple thing I know, but from a usability perspective it would make way more sense to put it at the top.