Ju-88 better or worse than he-111?

I have been flying the ju-88 abit lately. I find it tends to catch fire easier then the he111.

It seems less durable then the he-111. Also, it seems less stable then the he-111 when at slower speeds. Particularly landing. Overall I find it harder to land then the 111.

as for pros it seems alot faster and agile at faster speeds.


Hard to tell, both have their advantages. But I’d give it to the Ju88.

The Ju88 is faster, more nimble, and more versatile (thinking night fighter, torpedo bomber, attack plane, and wasn’t there even a dive bomber?)

It is smaller but carries almost the same bomb load IIRC (4000lbs or so?). Also higher service ceiling, faster climb speed, more range, and better defensive armament.

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Yes, Im pretty sure it was used in the dive bomber role!
I cant comment on payload I always assumed it had less then the 111?
do you know if they used the same engines?

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They basically had the same engines AFAIK but the Ju88 received stronger variants.
The Ju88 is also aerodynamically better, which results in the better speeds, altitudes, range and so on.

I just checked the payloads and both the late He-111 (H16, 1942) and the Ju-88 (A-4, 1941-1944) are listed with 3000kg of payload (6600 pounds).

Might of course be wrong, I am not an expert on WW2 planes.

Edit: another source puts both at around 2500kg, the He111 just 100kg more than the Ju-88

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I hear @Troll has a new fire extinguisher …


Yeah, the payload seems to change with who you ask but i think you are right

They need to have an animation for a cockpit fire extinguisher that would be awesome!

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Yep. JU88 had dive brakes for that role