Jump Ship - The NEW Large Scale SPACE GAME

Looks Kool!


co-op PVE nearly put me off until I the video mentioned and I read " Fly with a crew, or go solo - Jump Ship is best enjoyed with friends, but solo adventurers are welcome too."

Added to my wishlist, but this is one that I will definitely wait until I know more about ‘solo’ play and whether that means solo, solo or AI/NPC team mates.


The older I get…the less adept I am at shooting things. :rofl: I’ve watched my son play things like Sea of Thieves and I just can’t comprehend how he manipulates all the menus as fast as he does mid-gameplay. I first started noticing this a few years back when he was playing things like Fortnite or Zelda…the dude’s fingers just move so much faster than mine. Except for typing. I still crush him in that… :rofl:

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That looks very promising!

Normally, I’d agree that my best online shooter days were behind me. But this game is so much fun, I don’t even care that I suck! :joy:

Helldivers 2 review: a co-op shooter mixed with comedy genius | Rock Paper Shotgun.


I’ve been seeing so many references to this game on social media sites…apparently it is really well received.

I did play some BattleBit with my son last week online and I was hilariously bad at it…but it was fun watching him run and gun…

I think that is why I like Arma 3 so much…it is definitely a bit of a slower paced game. And I love maps. So there’s that.


I’m not one to indulge in much hyperbole (so sez me at least), but Helldivers is honestly one of those game experiences that I’d say you’re missing out at least a little if you have any interest in the genre.

More than anything, it’s the feeling that you aren’t playing so much in a squad of four, but that you are playing in an army of millions all trying, with more or less success, to defeat the implacable enemies of Humanity.

That the enemies of Humanity were often enemies for good reason, and the over the top way we kinda keep that all on the down low, adds a certain level of lunacy that seems to somehow perfectly parody modern society.

In other words,

“It’s just crazy enough to work!”

Sorry for the thread hijack. I am actually looking forward to Jumpship.

Now, back to the fight.