Just Bought the DCS Naval Warfare Pack on Steam

Just purchased the Naval Warfare Pack that comes with the Hornet and the new Nimitz. I’m tired of ‘dumb’ games and want something a little more challenging, but not next to impossible.

I already have the PG terrain, what else do I need? Are there any must-have campaigns?


As the Hornet isn’t done yet, I’m not sure if there are any “must haves.”

The Carrier should be out sometime soon.

The hornet has a mini campaign included that is pretty good.

Also the included instant action missions are decent. Not sure if there are any third party campaigns yet because the module is a stage constant change.

The nice thing about the Hornet is that you can sort of make it as dumb or smart as you want. Load some Mk slicks or snakeyes on it, put the thing on the thing, and hit the pickle button. I love complex stuff too…but sometimes you just want to drop some stuff, and head back to the boat (or tanker).

I’ve done very little with LGBs, JDAMs, or Harpoons with the Hornet yet.

Other than AAMs, only the HARMs have I used with targeting. All the other AG stuff has been CCIP “put the thing on the thing” approaches. :wink:

Who vil uze JDAM’s first…zee man…or zee monkey?