Just Flight Avro Vulcan B. Mk 2 (P3D V4)

It’s finally released!


You had me excited there for a moment, but I’m XP11 only these days. Hopefully Just Flight will port more of their excellent aircraft across to the dark side, as their Hawk is wonderful in XP11.


I’m holding out for a Victor k2 (lol) Now that would be a fun thing to play with. I had all the v bomber’s on fsx and I spent more time with them then nearly anything. It was a while ago but I’m 99 percent sure they were all freeware as well. If memory serves I had vulcan 607 with the carousel navigation system off the vc10 so I could try to copy the black buck mission profile.

I’ve had the FSX v version for years. A great model to fly. It is amazing how little a view they had from the cockpit.

Sixteen Victor K2’s, one Vulcan and you could do the Christmas Challenge Flight in one hop! :slight_smile:


Speaking of which… my next leg will be in (you guessed it) the Vulcan!


Only if you remember to bring a backup vulcan when the primary gives up before you take off lol

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I did a quick test flight with the Vulcan.

That Vulcan Howl… Oh my! I got so excited I almost veered off the runway!

I also managed to do a proper airbrake landing with it, quite similar to this video.


I’ve heard it in real life, and that’s fantastic sounding. Why not X-Plane - why!?!.. :slight_smile:


Much to the annoyance of my family my message alert tone is an Olympus 301 and my ringtone is a conway at full volume and the video you just posted it sounds exactly the same

Shameless self promotion picture of XH558 landing at Farnborough the first time post restoration 10 years ago (where does the time go?) :thinking:

…is the drogue chute modelled?


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Fantastic! I need this on XP11… having said that, if they do a Vulcan for the DCS South Atlantic, that would also work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cold War jets at Bruntingthorpe last Year

Any of these would be MORE than welcome to x plane for me


Looks great and sounds even better! How is regarding systems complexity?

I`d say it’s about the same as the Just Flight Canberra (which was quite advanced).

Keep in mind that only the pilot and co-pilot seats are modelled. The three seats in the aft cabin are not modelled, but 2D panels are there for the electrical panels like the SSP (Secondary Supplies Panel) and ACP (Alternator Control Panel) panels) or the Auxiliary Power Unit panel (AAPP, or Airborne Auxiliary Power Plant) which are functional. They’re not 100 % functional (you currently can’t start the AAPP with a cartridge… I don’t know if it will be added later on) though. You can still follow the manual procedures and they work for the most part. Usually, for flight engineer panels I’m a bit demanding but seeing as it’s literally a second cockpit with a ridiculous amount of switches I can understand why the devs haven’t modelled it. It just didn’t bring much for scope of a simulation like P3D.

The fuel systems work well, the hydraulics are also modelled (I’ve had a landing gear fail to deploy due to a hydraulics-related mistake I did), the electrical systems work with the 2D panels. I haven’t gotten to test the autopilot yet but if it’s anything like the Canberra it should be functional as well (same devs, so I’m optimistic).

The immersion in terms of sounds and cockpit modelling is just astounding. I’ve rarely seen a cockpit that wowed me that much in all the good ways. The battery sounds go tick-tick-tick-tick, the Olympus engines howl at high revs like you’re literally holding your cell phone next to the real aircraft… there are many small features that are modelled like the flash shields, the rotating fuel panel/pedestal, the funky ladder under the cockpit… and I’ve just started to explore some of them.

Aerodynamics wise I think it holds up pretty well. The Vulcan handles like a gentle giant. You can also do an airbrake landing (touchdown on the main wheels, pull your nose up and slow down until the nose gear comes down). At the beginning, I was surprised to see for how long I could keep my nose up but after watching a video on youtube of the real thing… it seems like the Vulcan could really land just like that, arse down and nose up. You can also use the brake chute. The landing gear physics seem realistic. A lot of care went into the animations of the main gears.

Systems-wise I haven’t seen the Vulcan do some FSX-isms yet or hear some sound clipping. It looks like they’re modelled good enough to be operated like the real thing. You can use an engine cross-start or the rapid-start function (all engines at once). There’s a lot of meat to this module and I keep going “oooh nice!” as I discover new things.

The module is a bit on the expensive side (some people complained on the Just Flight forums that they wanted a more accessible low-fidelity version instead, which speaks volumes IMHO) but I think it’s very well worth it all things considered. It is THE best Vulcan simulation I’ve seen yet.


Thanks for your review Chuck.

No discount for previous Vulcan users…at least not that I could find. :frowning_face: