Just Flight / Black Square Steam Gauge Overhaul series

In searching for an interesting aircraft to fly for the Christmas 2022 trip, I discovered the JF Steam Gauge Overhaul series, currently released for the Caravan and in development for the King Air. I was hoping that our resident King Air 350 expert, @Chaz, or any former KA pilots, would have some comments on the conversion, but suppose that will have to wait until release. It does look promising, although I expect some tweaks to the default aircraft’s FM are also necessary to win everyone over.

Chaz reviews the MSFS default King Air 350 and details how it could be better.


Just watching the JF videos brought back a lot of memories. It’s been awhile since I flew the King Air…11 years now. Where does the time go?

I would have preferred a B200 with the large Sperry ADI but this looks really well done.


Hey Paul, so far Black Square appears to be developing around default aircraft. Given the relatively steep price, it will be interesting how well their study level conversions do and what type of future projects they take on. I’ll probably get the KA first and if I like it, may get the Caravan.


Wow that’s very cool. I have not flown the steam gauge/EFIS KA350- just the Pro Line 21 equipped version. My only steam gauge 350 time is in X-Plane’s 350 by AirfoilLabs. :nerd_face: Perhaps @Scoop has some steam gauge KA350 time?

But how much of the airplane is still not functional? I remember making that video when MSFS was first released and some 75% of the switches and levers were not functional or not working correctly. Aside from that, this upgraded panel will at least look very nice in MSFS.

I’ve been very busy lately. Haven’t gamed in about 3 months. Lots going on in the background (good stuff). Just busy adulting. Which I’ll probably go into more detail in the where are you photo thread.


One thing for sure is that they really need to solve the (lack of) prop drag issue. Throwing out the gear doesn’t seem to have much effect either. Having a floaty turboprop is no fun, regardless of how well the systems are modeled. I haven’t flown a King Air IRL, but have ridden in and jumped out of :laughing: plenty of them. My memory is that those props have tons of drag when flat.

Not to start a tit for tat, but I just downloaded the XP12 demo and took the default C90 for some pattern work. Now that’s the King Air I know and love.


sadly not. I have pro line 21 and Steam B200, and pro line B350


I hope they do the KA justice. I flew a rattly old 200 in the Reserves. The generals never wanted to fly in it. But it was a Cadillac and a great plane to get breakfast…cough, cough…I mean conduct training in! :grin:

Edit: I do find the MSFS props to be pretty damned slippery. Kinda deprives them of one of their defining characteristics.


Check out the default C90 in the XP12 demo. It’s much better than I remember. Sound is good too.


Yeah, there are just some things that X-plane does better, though Ive always been a MSFSer.

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Good news. SGO for the KA350 has landed. Will give it a go tonight after the kids are tucked in.


looking forward to your impressions. thumbs up to them for overhauling also the systems, not just the cockpit.

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Has JF said what’s next after the King Air? I picked up the C172 Enhancement pack (made by WB-sim, but same idea; gives the stock aircraft a major overhaul to systems) and I really liked that. I’m digging this “build upon the stock aircraft” concept, given that so many of the default planes are excellent subject matter.

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I haven’t read anything specific about their future plans. It probably depends on how well current products are moving.

I only had time for a quick flight last night. My first impressions are very positive with regards to the quality of the product. In VR, the front office reeks of a high quality, high attention to detail, study sim type of product. It very much has that just from the factory smell about it. Beginning with the fuel panel and moving clockwise, every gauge, switch, knob, and instrument thoroughly and competently presented.

I didn’t have time to preform C&D startup or test various systems, but there is a lot of discussion concerning this, as well as some very useful information, in the official MSFS forum third party section. I want to take time to read the manual and understand any limitations before commenting. But, in case you were wondering, the GTN750 mod is enabled by a switch on the right side of the copilot’s yoke :smile:

As to the flight model, takeoff, climb, and cruise feel normal, but I still feel that the plane might be a little slippery above 200 kts. Would like to hear what former and current RL King Air pilots think, but as a test, establish a level cruise at 1000 MSL and ~ 220 kts, pull the throttles back to just above gear horn, push prop lever full forward, while holding altitude, and let me know what you think about drag in this regime. If I slip the aircraft to add drag, once it gets below say 190 kts, the props seem to bite more. Not sure if that the right terminology, but would be interested what your impressions are.

I’m not saying that it’s unmanageable, just requires a bit more planning and not what I expected. Otherwise it feels fine.

BTW, if you have purchased the Caravan Steam Gauge Overhaul product, there is a substantial discount with a code. Should have arrived by email or can be obtained via a support request from JF.

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That first update has been released.

Analog King Air (MSFS) Changelog

Latest Update: 2022/10/14

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


New Features:

  • Note on MSFS generator limitations added to operating tips in manual. The underlying MSFS alternator/generator logic is faulty for free turbine engines, and will improperly limit generator output when the propeller is in feather. To ensure the battery is charged on the ground, take the propellers out of the feather detent, and monitor battery charging with the overhead ammeter. This bug must be corrected in MSFS by Asobo.

  • Generators will not go online after resetting them if its starter motor is running, and generators will be tripped offline if its starter motor is activated. This will help prevent the occurrence of users leaving the starter energized long after the engine has started, and encountering a “GEN OVHT” annunciator, subsequently burning out the starter-generator, and damaging the electrical system, causing a bus fault to be detected. This is the only condition that can result in “GEN OVHT” illuminating. It does not indicate a starter-generator failure, but that one will result if the starter motor is not disengaged in approximately another 30 seconds of use.

  • Redesigned pressurization controller to be fully vacuum actuated. The system now properly emulates the two valves (outflow/dump and safety)of the real aircraft. The system will now continue to function without electrical power, except for activating the dump valve on landing. Cabin climb rate will also now gradually round off when approaching zero pressure differential. Hysteresis for high pressure differential safety valve actuation is overridden by a lower target altitude setting.

  • Improved aerodynamics and performance by JayDee. The aircraft now have no acceleration on the ground when the throttle input is zero with standard bindings. This corresponds to a minimum power lever setting in the ground idle range while taxiing. Climb performance has been slightly reduced, reverse thrust power has been significantly reduced, new moments have been calculated to give the aircraft a slightly heavier feel, and adjustments made to the flap drag and lift coefficients to improve the accuracy of stalling speeds.

  • Panel.noreg now included in the main package folder for livery creators. If you wish to create a livery mod that does not use the default, dynamically generated tail number on the exterior, simply use the line, “Panel = ....\bksq-aircraft-analogkingair\panel.noreg” in the livery’s aircraft.cfg.

  • Several new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) added to this manual.

Bug Fixes:

  • External power cable would sometimes appear when opening cockpit windows. External power and fuel hose are now correctly coded to interact with the exterior model.

  • The risk of causing a starter-generator overheat by leaving the start switch engaged when the engines are running has been reduced by 95%.

  • TDS GTNxi power is currently connected to the center bus power, which can cause inadvertent reboots. The developer of the TDS GTNxi is working on a patch that will implement custom circuit settings, allowing the TDS to behave properly in the Analog King Air. This should not affect the GTNxi during normal flight operations.

  • SU10 ground handling parameters are now in the correct section of flight_model.cfg.

  • Triple-Fed Bus voltage is now ~0.8V lower than supply voltage due to voltage drop across the diodes feeding the Triple-Fed Bus.

  • Fuel Pressure Low annunciator lights will remain illuminated when their associated firewall valve is closed, and standby fuel pumps are activated.

  • Battery voltmeter will read zero when the battery emergency switch has been activated with no other sources connected to the battery bus.

  • Livery Example aircraft.cfg typo changed from “caravan” to “kingair”.