Just Flight Tornado GR.1 for FSX & P3D


Anybody else looking forward to this? I thought their Canberra was amazing.

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Wow, that does look good. Thanks!

Those Tornado’s were something I remember from airshows and bases in the UK, plus of course the great for its time Digital Integration’s flight sim - that ground following radar…

Any word on how much of the WSO systems will be included - the virtual cockpits look very good?

I preordered it because of the upcoming compatibility with TacPack. Let’s hope for good things.


Tornado is definitely attractive also because of its participation in Gulf War performing high-speed, low-altitude precision bombing runs.

I would like to know if you guys fly these kind of FSX/P3D military modules just around the tower or you recreate these kind of real missions?
Saw some civil AARs like ‘DC3 around the world’, ‘Piloting Across Africa in FSX’, ‘Aeropostale 2014’.
But I would like to see also some pictorial AAR which will feature recreation of some real recce/combat mission (even without the enemy aircrafts, AAAs, SAMs around).

I’m still on the road, but will get home tomorrow. I got the download link today.
I’ve read on a few boards already that people are experiencing heavy FPS loss with this. I cant say for myself, but hoping it gets sorted.

Screenies look fantastic!


There are plenty of great add-on planes for FSX… I’m not sure I’ll have enough money or time to buy and fly 'em all. The Tornado looks really nice though!

I think I’ll stick to DCS… for now :wink:

The Tornado isn’t worth picking up just yet, it is near unplayable in it’s current state with a huge FPS impact on most rigs. Te guys over at Just Flight are working on it though, and the visuals are fantastic, it really looks great - so here’s hoping that they’ll get it sorted in due time.

Agreed, there are some definite framerate issues at the moment. Does anybody else remember when 20 fps was considered very playable? Boy, has the hardware really caught up or have we become soft? :smile:

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I do, but I think that gamers used to be more categorized by genre and now everyone just expects it to be really whizzy everywhere and every game.

When I’m shooting a guy with a pretend AK then I honest to goodness have got used to it being about 200 frames per second (I use a 144Hz monitor as my money/sense meter is broken) and notice dips like it’s the worse thing in the world, but when it comes to FSX I would swear than anything over 15 frames is as smooth as butter! :smile:

For things like the DCS Helos, frames does make a huge difference in the feel though, especially before tumbling into that vortex.

Haha…I remember playing some of those early Microprose titles at probably 1 or 1/2 FPS…


oh yes, 20fps is really luxurious :smile:

btw I dont care about hard numbers, I dont use FPS counters or displays. if I have the feeling it is smooth and playable then it doesnt matter to me how many fps it produce :wink:

So, has anyone bought this yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Yes, I bought it, but it’s a bit early to give an in-depth review of it as it really isn’t playable in it’s current state - rumors say the service pack will be out this week, so hopefully that’ll help.

The Hotfix was released this morning.

From Martyn via post at SOH:

"First of all thanks to everyone for your patience, much appreciated

The service pack is now available: http://www.justflight.com/support/tornado-gr1/8479c1c

If you are experiencing performance issues then I’d recommend that you configure the performance options as per the first image in this FAQ: http://www.justflight.com/support/tornado-gr1/ecf2653

Please note that we are continuing to look at ways to improve performance however we were keen to make our work to-date available to you all. As noted in the FAQ, if you are using FSX then unfortunately you will still encounter an FPS drop with the mouse cursor visible, an issue that is particularly noticeable when using very complex aircraft. We hope to be able to mitigate that issue as much as possible as we continue with our optimisation but unfortunately we cannot fix the issue as it resides in FSX itself.

The service pack also contains numerous fixes and improvements in addition to the work on the performance issue. The support page lists the fixes and new content that is included. Any bugs that have been reported but aren’t mentioned in the list are still being addressed.

Just a quick reminder that although we do our best to read every post here, you’ll need to submit a support ticket to get a guaranteed response to a query or to report an issue/bug: http://www.justflight.com/support-contact

Martyn "

I’ll install it up tonight and give it a good working over through the weekend.


@ST0RM - Are there any videos of the start-up sequence and systems out there yet? I’d love to watch some vids about it…


Nothing I’ve seen so far. Most people are still dealing with the fps headache, so I’ve yet to see anything else yet.

I installed my updated copy tonight. I’ve spent the last few hours trying out different settings. Initial impressions are that it is a beautiful add-on. The model is very well done. Control surface movement is spot on. I’ve watched my share of Tornados blasting out of Al Udeid AB and this model captured it well. Systems seem to be well modelled but because I had to turn many things off to increase fps, the WSO station is untested.

They’ll need to go back and try things to get the fps up to par. It was noted that with this update, the VC model file size actually increased. Not sure about that.

So, we wait again.


So I dropped in to that Tornado thread on the Just Flight forum - what a nightmare. Sounds like that product went out the door early and in a pretty poor state (performance/optimization-wise). Hope they get it sorted. I’ll also mention that their PR video is not very impressive - not very good scenery, and not very smooth framerates. They should have hired Glowing Amraam to do their video…

I submitted a trouble ticket and got a lame canned message. Nothing directly related to my posting.

I’ll give it another week (so a month after release) but may consider asking for a refund if I don’t have a workable product. I’m getting tired of paying to be a beta tester these days.


Their second patch is being held back another few days or so due to more work needed on the model. I’d estimate at least another week. Pretty poor showing from this dev team.


I’m a big fan of the Tornado but based on the information you’ve all provided I’ll wait for the issues to be addressed before taking the plunge. I think it will be a beautiful bird once things get sorted out. Naturally, I can’t help but wish for a DCS version.