Just Flight - Traffic Global (FSX, SE, P3D v1-4)


Anyone given Just Flight’s Traffic Global (Early Access) a whirl? I might just stick with Traffic 360 for now. I’m a bit leery about this part:

“General Aviation - an extensive schedule of General Aviation flights, using default aircraft, spanning the globe.” (emphasis mine)

Traffic 360 has a bit larger selection beyond the default aircraft…so I don’t know if Traffic Global would be more appealing to tube-liner guys. I’d love for my smaller airports to have a bit more action at them.

Traffic 360s GA/Business aircraft library:

Anyway - it’s currently $41.99 over the “usual price” of $52.99. It is kind of funny how we just bump the price up $10, give a $10 discount, and call it a special.

So anyone already using it? How’s the GA traffic? Oh, and my other reason with maybe just staying with Traffic 360 is that is still populates the world with USAirways flights…so that is kind of cool.

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Yes. I’ve got t one one of my PCs and UT2 on another PC (that I’m using for the Xmas flight).

I started with Traffic 360 sometime around 2008. The planes were a bit too basic / cartoon-like. So I went to UT2. JF was having one of there sales and I grabbed the Early Access for a song.

I hadn’t see the default aircraft issue…and the VFR list looks to be just the default aircraft. Strange. Traffic 360 had more…I distinctly remember Eurocopters…but that may have been IFR.

It is OK and the airliners seem more realistic looking. It appears to have a similar process for adding flights. I’m not exactly thrilled with it…I’m keeping UT2 on my “flying PC”.

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