K51 collctive throttle

I think this collective is great. After about a years hard use it has developed an irritating snag. With full throttle set (twist grip), as the collective is moved to lift the Helicopter off the ground an intermittent fault occurs with the engine powering down to ground idle. Sometimes instantly (below 100 feet, other times early in the cruise after take off. Autorotation always follows but sometimes if there is enough height it is possible to close and then open the throttle again restoring power and delivering adequate rotor rpm for flight. The engine then gives full power until the next occurrence between seconds and ten minutes after the first.

There is just one point at which the internal electric cable bends as collective is applied. I suspect it adds stress to the cable and interferes with the signal (pulls on a connection?) The problem doesnt occur if the collectives casing is open. I am getting the correct crimps to rebuild it and will try a slightly different design. If it cures the problem I will let you know.

Technical thanks for problem solving and rebuilding is given to Ian Melvill, the builder of Enstone airfields life size Spitfire sim.


You sure it’s the collective? Have you checked it in windows game controllers?
Did you rule out multiple controllers being assigned to the same axis in DCS?

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Affirm to all. When not connected to DCS the problem exists. Just using it on the windows controller the fault replicates.

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Ok then. Worth a shot.

sounds like a fatigue break in the wire, had something similar with a Saitek x52 throttle, one control would only work when the throttle was in certain postions, I opened it up and you could see where the very thin wire bent strangley as the throttle moved

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