KA-50 - Vikhrs...?

Did the Ka-50’s Vikhr missiles get a warhead boost in recent patches? I’m still working on my HOTAS profile and was doing some target range stuff today and noticed that I was getting 90% damage (effectively a kill) on M-1 Abrams from all aspects (including head on). I would swear that Vikhrs used to take 2 or sometimes 3 to kill a MBT?

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For me (mostly in Su-25T) it always depends on the type of tank and the angle. Frontal shots on a M1 are less likely to make a kill, but flank or rear almost always will.

I have no idea. I could not remember me shooting Vikhrs at modern MBTs in the recent past.

Last MBT I targeted was T55 on the HP Fly-In :slight_smile:

My usual targets are enemy FARPs on BlueFlag servers and they are not defended by MBTs iirc.

I too remember needing 2 (and sometimes 3) to get a kill on an MBT from the front or even side. I rarely was lucky enough to attack from the rear or top.

Now I will have to test as well.

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Please do and let me know what you see. I was getting 90% damage on every Vikhr I fired on the Shooting Range mission…

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