Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

I’ve been hearing about this game, thought it had some party-game potential, so I bought it for one of the brunches that The Wife likes to hold at our house and dang, is it fun!

The premise is that one player is the “Bomb Defuser” and other players (as many as you want) are the “Bomb Experts”. The Bomb Defuser reads the bomb and interacts with it via the game (apparently it’s optimized for VR and gamepad use, but works just fine with a plain ol’ flatscreen and mouse) while the Bomb Experts review the Bomb Defusal Manual and guide the Defuser on which wire to cut, or button to push, or knob to turn, etc.

Since the Bomb Experts are just reading from a manual, they don’t need to actually be running a copy of the game, and can participate over TS3, phone, yelling across the room, wherever.

The bomb is complicated enough that it’s incredibly difficult to do the job by yourself, but the stress of trying to communicate and solve problems over voice is downright addicting. The bomb difficult is scalable from 3 to 11 modules and can include some “needy” modules that never go away, greatly adding to the stress.

Here’s what it’s like at max stress level:


That looks like a lot of fun. If they shipped it with discount vouchers for divorce lawyers then they’d make a lot of referral money… :smile:

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I wonder if the NSA gets alerted to these conversations?


I bought this game and played a bunch of rounds with my friends over TS, and we were all joking about the same thing, waiting for the NSA to be knocking on our doors.

Game is a lot of fun.

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This game is a lot of fun. If you’d like to play, you can contact @komemiute or myself (@Crowley) to set a game up, or alternate or whatever. (I hope @komemiute doesn’t get mad that I volunteered him :worried: ).

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Can never be mad at you! :kissing_closed_eyes:
But yeah- it’s an awesome experience…

what you need for KTNE is this

I totally forgot about this game, did anyone pick it up? It could be a fun night with a few others on discord or TS as suggested above.

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It is a good game in person. Not sure how it would go over discord or TS. I think it might be difficult given the nature of TS/Discord.

I was playing over Steam Voice Chat (me in Italy and @Crowley in the US of A - or so he said :neutral_face:) and it all went magnificently! :smiley:
Just saying. :slight_smile:

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