Kerbal Space Program 1.2 "Load and Clear" Out Now

Hello everyone!

Kerbals hit a milestone, they are now interconnected and they can hear you Loud and Clear! Let your imagination fly with new possibilities, build communication networks, control vehicles remotely and explore every inch of the Kerbol System in ways that weren’t possible before with this new update!

Kerbal Space program 1.2: Loud and Clear includes a broad range of improvements and features that will enrich the overall game experience, such as the introduction of CommNet and KerbNet, a rewrite of the Stability Assist System (SAS) that makes your launches more accurate and fuel efficient, an engine change from Unity 5.2 to 5.4, more tweakable options for many parts, a complete fuel system redesign, and much more!

Here are some of the highlights for this update:

Set up your own communications networks and have better control over your probes even when they cannot establish a direct connection. Link your probes back to Kerbin via an antenna to be completely autonomous and build relay networks for better science transmission!

Use satellites for reconnaissance purposes, scan the terrain below you, find biomes and anomalies, and place custom waypoints with a targeting interface.

Improved Fuelflow System
The Fuelflow system has been rewritten and now you have total control over how the fuel flows through your vessels!

Improved Wheels
The stability of Wheels has been greatly improved. Your rovers, wheeled vehicles will now turn and handle smoothly, making the overall driving experience more pleasant. Aircraft are also more stable, and all wheels have realistic load limits.


Some quick looks. Lots of things to fiddle with incessantly…


It looks like a very nice update.

I’m hoping over the winter I have some time to get back into KSP, new features certainly will help drive that lol

Wow I just read news that large part of KSP devs left the company! :fearful:

I wonder where they are going to?

In any event, i am looking forward to this new update and maybe a restart of the career.

I have to say though.

KSP is about the only early access game that has done early access correctly and evolved into a fantastic game without stranding those that backed it.

For the price i paid when there was only kerbin and mun and the sheer amount of content that has gone into this game from devs and community alike, there has not been another game out there that matches

Concerning the devs leaving the company:
Being a software developer myself I can maybe shed some light on what might have happened there:
It is very uncommon for software devs - especially in the gaming sector - to stay with a company for more than five years before they move on to new jobs, that’s especially true for artists (who constantly search for new stuff to drive their creativity), but designers are also often doing this.
Exceptions are very small companies (family-driven or something, people stay for other reasons) or huge companies where you can move the people to other teams, working on something different.

The other thing is: Look at KSP’s development

  • started as a hobby project. The company does other stuff
  • small, not very successful company before KSP. The devs there interested in game development probably had already settled for somthing else. Now the dream comes true, but other companies offer better positions, with more money and different styles of games.
  • After years of working on KSP, and KSP nearing its completion, and it being the only game of the company, it is a good opportunity to leave without doing major damage.

So I don’t think we have to be concerned about Squad or KSP. New, enthusiastic devs are already moving in (and have been for a while). :slight_smile:

As for KSP:
HELL YEAH! Finally some stuff in that previously was only possible with mods. So I can cut my mod list down a bit more.
I will still play with remotetech I guess. Now I’ll have to wait for all my mods to get compatible. That will take a while. I hope I will be able to continue my 1.1.3 career, because I was just getting to the exciting times. :slight_smile:

Also, weren’t there only like two guys that did most of the development? I wouldnt be suprised if they want to move on and start new projects. With this last update Im confident that KSP is in good hands…besides the modding community does most of the development these days anyhow.

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Cool for me.

There’s a few others. ARMA 3 was excellent and timely throughout early acces but this was a company from wich we could’ve expected they knew what they were doing and what they’d get into. I think From the Depths is doing excellent in early acces but I might just be biased because that’s a game right up my alley. Space engineers also seems to be doing great. ARK did great as well but they’re already selling DLC’s while the core game is hardly finished. But a lot of projects end up crashed and burning or just deserted. Kinetic Void was something I liked but got abandoned.

I’ve been playing the 1.2 beta for a few weeks and it was a lot of fun. I’ve set up my comms network with geostationairy satelites and already been to the mun again.

I booted it. I’m extremely interested. But I need my Kerbal Engineer back. I’d also take mechjeb at this point, I’m well aware I can successfully put a rocket into space, it’s just gotten tedious.

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Yep! It’s been a few months since they did the sensing/detecting update so hopefully we’re due for another interesting battery of changes soon.

Squad really should do an April Fool’s Joke where they say, “Community: You complained, we listened. All development is halting as of right now- this evening we will deliver our final release. No more will your mods be broken.”

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Prison Architect, Minecraft, Asetto Corsa, RAZBAM M-2000C, they’ve all done EA correctly. Although it’s a bit of a hit and miss it seems.

I’m so happy they worked around my biggest complaint with the remote tech mod: A civilization capable of getting to space is reliant on a single radio tower.


Althought it was fun placing those satellite constellations ONCE to allow 100% coverage of Kerbin it was a chore because those missing stations actually made that MUCH harder than in real life.
For example launching that first satellite. You had to use an overpowered rocket and launch it very straight because you couldn’t talk to it beyond the horizon. :smiley:

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So agreed. That first time doing it was great. Then the second time you are 30 seconds off on your orbital period, and after going to do some fun Mun related things, you look back and see all of them have lumped together in orbit and it’s absolutely disgusting.

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Me, I’m lucky to put a single pod into a sub-orbital parabola and have the chute come out on time. This guy…well…