Keyboard commands - am I missing something?

Afternoon All,

I am one of those ‘EA’ F16 Pilots (insert sneer or such here lol)
but I’m curious- while I’m well aware that this is an incomplete system - did they leave out instrumentation lighting? I have been looking about but I’m not finding anything.


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Right side of the cockpit, consoles behind the stick, there’s four knobs for console and instrument backlighting and flood lights.


I thank you, sir! :+1:

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Wait, I thought he was looking for the Keyboard commands for those…

is there a keyboard command (such as found in the F15C)?

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Not by default as far as I know. If you want to bind them for yourself you can head over to the F-16C controls and then head to the ‘right console’ controls list. You’ll find the internal lighting controls in there.

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Thank You!

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