Keyboard recommendations?

Any recommendations for a keyboard? I do more typing than flying with it (LOL). My old Saitek keyboard is deciding not to work well with my HOTAS these days, probably because it is missing the keypad attachment thingy.

I have an older Razer Blackwidow (2012 ish) and I love it. Although others may not love the clicky-switch noise, it’s been a great keyboard.

This is what I have but no idea if it’s latest/greatest:

I recommend a QWERTY keyboard…what? :open_mouth:


Hmm…yeah, since my main PC area is in the living room, clicky might annoy my family as I’m pounding away on the keyboard… :rofl:

So there are evidently membrane keyboards and…um…the other kind where each key has their own…um… push thing…“plunger”?

The membrane type are evidently less noisy…and cheaper…which is why I got the other kind…yeah… :grimacing:

Why don’t you just ask @Troll to build you one…the man can build anything! :grin:


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While Razer does have a series of switches that are silent, the keyboards that come with them all seem to omit the number pad which we use in DCS. So I would say check for another mechanical keyboard brand that offer a silent switch.

Typically there are a few types out there:

  • Tactile + Clicky
  • Tactile + Silent
  • Smooth + Silent

There is an overview here:

My keyboard was from before Razer did their own switches and has the well known CherryMX Blue switches. Their product line is here:

I found the response time and the durability of mechanical keyboards to be excellent. The other keyboard I own is a Logitech Wireless Wave MK550:

It was the second keyboard I ever owned, my parents got it for me one year as a gift. I still use it for HPN, but it fell out of favor for gaming because it is wireless and has a minor but gaming-noticeable input lag. It is a much more comfortable keyboard for typing over extended periods of time. Way better than a plain straight keyboard when I was having to type up a lot of homework in middle and high school, that’s for sure.

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Because he will prank me with å/æ/ø: keys…


My PC is in the living room as well and I have the same sound concerns. (also to replace a saitek keyboard as well) This is what I have. It gives a nice mechanical feel without the loud sound. “silent” of course is relative, but i haven’t received any noise complaints from the wife since I bought it a good year ago.—-CHERRY®-MX-Silent/p/CH-9000121-NA

Somehow or other you can get the sound from the Cherry MX Silent Red switches here, but I can’t seem to get it to play, maybe it will work for you

I think I had that Saitek keyboard, bought it at CompUSA…wow that was a long time ago.

I’m a fan of the Logitech G series. Built in-game support on a lot of titles. The Macro keys are very useful for gaming and work.

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I‘m a long term user (20 years now maybe?) of HP KU-0316 keyboards. Good quality, cheap to get in vanilla condition. Some companies have stacked up hundreds of them over time.

It‘s not the most silent, though. Mostly because of the keys having a little play. So not good for living room use.

The latest household addition is a wireless keyboard which seems to go by different asian names. It had to be white. Names „Jelly Comb“ and it looks like this. It‘s not bad.

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I’ve got an old wireless Logitech too and like the keyboard for its durability and macro keys.

Here in motion :slight_smile:

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