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Hi everyone!
I have already bothered everyone repeating about the first serious PC game I made art for, SKALD RPG. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The Skald RPG Devlog – By Scape-IT

These days will happen the release of the game’s complete Prologue:

#SKALD prologue is nigh! This sliver of the beta offers 1-3 hours of sweet, retro #RPG gameplay!

May 27th was our release date but I might run over the weekend.

None the less: Wishlist the prologue today and set aside some time for when it drops!

— SKALD: Against the Black Priory (On GOG and Steam) (@SkaldRpg) May 26, 2021

I was thinking about about streaming, via Twitch, the SKALD demo.
Since I only played the initial Alpha demo a long time ago, I’m going to be quite virgin to all the new content…

Would anyone watch that? I’m going to do full commentary WITH full squealing/screaming action when the illustration I created will be shown so- prepare to lower the volume at times.

Dropping updates/links when I’ll know more.


I miight take a look, just drop the info when it’s on.


Do It Episode 3 GIF by Star Wars


Please text or WhatsApp me when you are going live so I can watch (I mean listen) when driving and don’t miss it

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Hey @damson, @miRage, and @Victork2 !
I promise I will post any update here at least 6 hours in advance. :wink:


Update with a Prologue gameplay trailer.

Soon to be available on Steam.
(I cannot play it before it’s available to the masses)


Tonight the Prologue will be available for everyone!

And I mean…
everyone GIF

I’ll do some testing but tomorrow night I should be able to live stream it.


So… I just came back from work (it’s 22:00 here in Germany) and I’m destroyed.
I have to postpone the Streaming of SKALD to tomorrow night. Sorry guys but I’m absolutely beaten.


Ok, Unless something absolutely dramatic happens I should stream from 22:00 CEST - in about five hours.

I don’t expect a crowd so I’ll just start around 22:00 and just play.
I’ll post a link here to the live stream OR a note if I’ll be using one of Mudspike’s discord rooms.



About to start.
Mudspike Ground Ops room will have my monitor shared.



Had to drop out because my phone is about to die. PLEASE PLEASE do this again @komemiute you are AWESOME at this. I love it.

The game looks brilliant now. So so stoked to play it.

Thanks so much for letting me know when you were about to go live. I loved it, you have a real talent mate. Honestly.

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I popped in for 5 but just finished work and now need to eat with wife XXX keep up the good work


Update on our game:
Prologue Patch and Experience – The Skald RPG Devlog


Our game has officially announced to have a publisher, the fantastic Raw Fury!
Plus a banger of a (short) trailer!

Full trailer soon™…


I would just like to add a link to a website talking about my most successful released game to date.
It’s in German but the translation should arrive soon, plus an automatic English translation from Chrome works really well.

It’s so amazing to know that the game is well received- it’s been talked about on the radio even!

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