Killhouse Doorkickers 2 early access released on Steam

You can now Replay your missions and rejoice in the daring raids you’ve pulled off. It’s Door Kickers 2 Patch Day!

update released… this is war NOT a police action, so they finally put in suppressive fire and more war weapons… still hoping for a 50 cal mounted jeep, (showing age, I mean hummer, lol)

Killing Time (Doorkickers 2) - YouTube

Another awesome update, packed with goodies like new weapons, new maps, new game mode… AND a new unit, CIA operators that can be covert, sneak in and do stuff… like this destroy weapons mission.

Doorkickers 2 CIA Op - YouTube


@Magnum50, do you know if there will be a mobile version, like the first Doorkickers?

As of right now, no plans… they say they want to fine tune and finish the bread and butter PC version then they will look into mobile.

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Ok, thanks!
The existing mobile version works really well on ipad.

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Yes indeed! I’m holding out for a mobile version; when I’m on a laptop I’m playing ARMA 3, and when I’m home I’m flying DCS.


You have a laptop that can run Arma 3? Wow!
Wish mine could.

Door Kickers 2 looks great ! That’s probably the best my laptop can handle.

Yeah, I work on the road so… Probably paid way too much, but it keeps me entertained and works pretty well for Word and Excel too! (i8750h or somesuch and a 2070, iirc)

Arma 3 runs a lot better on it than Operation Flashpoint used to run on my gaming desktop in 2002, LOL! Or 2010 for that matter. Both the game and hardware have come a long way towards being optimized.

I actually have brought my VR headset on quite a few longer trips, and was even able to struggle through HL:Alyx here a couple months ago, which was loads of fun. Had to put it down on the Jeff level a few times though. (Shudders)

New Night Ops update with NVG and the ability to turn off power…

It was ugly but first mission success… as soon as the bad guy said “there here” I had to step it up, running out of time.

Doorkickers 2 Night Op Mission - YouTube