Kneeboards and VR in DCS World

Hey guys,

For those of you using VR within DCS World, can you recommend a good kneeboard application? I’d like to have some sort of available checklist for A-10 startup and shutdown being that my feeble mind doesn’t seem to want to commit all of the really minor things to memory just yet. There are probably other great uses for a kneeboard as well that I’m just not thinking of at the moment being so new to the title…

You can use DCS kneeboard builder to resize and relocate custom or default kneeboards to make them easier to view in VR. I haven’t tried it with 2.5 open beta yet, but will ASAP.

@Brix made really useful set of custom keyboards for DCS, but I see that he has closed that project. I think that there was an A10C kneedboard. If so, I’ll PM him to see if he would be opposed to sharing it.

Thanks! I guess I have a little reading to do in order to figure out how to actually implement the use of the kneeboard in the sim.