I’ve been flying quite a few different aircraft lately, both in X-plane 10 and DCS and I wonder if anyone here has any experience with making a physical kneepad?

You mean something like a kneeboard card?

What info are you wanting on it? Are you wanting info for that flight or more of a quick reference for different aircraft?

Ah yes, a kneeboard… Whoops.

Just wondering if anyone else had made some sort of notepad that they keep around for flightsims?

Oooh ok gotcha.

I normally just use paper laying around but a 5x8 writing pad works great.

If you are talking like something you can strap to your knee to hold said notes/sheets of paper/ other stuff

This is the default, probly not the cheapest, but they work pretty well.
If you want to make one, just an elastic strap with a buckle that you can fit around your thigh works pretty well. If you look around you can find ones that have a clear plastic part so the elastic doesn’t block what you are looking at.

The poor mans version of this (IE what everybody used in the B-course) was a big rubberband.

Just for reference, when I fly I use my G-suit straps only, no kneeboard so just an elastic strap to hold whatever I need on my knees.

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When I was training I used a simple kneeboard that worked well. Cheap, durable and effective.

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I’ve used this one for a decade. Still trucking.

I’m kinda veering toward one of these windshield things for my situation …

You just need some sort of nearby smooth surface to stick it to.

Got a fever and bad cold today. To get my walkies in i decided to visit the local office supply store. Got a A5 sized binder with some divider tabs and 100 sheets of lined paper.

Unfortunately it’s not A5, so i had to cut off 6mm from the top. Did some test runs on A4 and the printer tossed out this, i think it aligns pretty well for all intents and purposes.

The black lines are rotated slightly, i suppose there’s not much to do about that.


Found a cheesy Boeing font because why not :smile:

Quite happy with how this will turn out! Spend about 5 euros and some sick time here and there

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Quite chuffed that i got the CIVA done. It’s the one i need to grab the manual every time!