KSP 2! Incoming next year

Let’s hope it is a worthy successor. I started playing KSP back in 2011. Without a doubt the best money I ever spent on a single game when you consider the hours I put into it. I must have played well over 1000 hours, and I think it cost me $15 when purchased it.


Same here. Pretty sure I played the game way more than 1000 hours.

Excited for it.
But it will be a hard task. KSP is extremely popular with all its moddability, and it has grown a lot.
Many people will be disappointed when KSP 2 lacks some capabilities that KSP 1 has. They just set the bar very high.
But if they can include most of the KSP 1 features from day 1 and increase performance while maintaining good moddability then I am sure it will be popular.

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Man, I only have a little over 100 hours into it, roughly 20 hours a year that I’ve had it. If I have to venture a guess it will be no where near as moddable as the first one. Look what happened with their DLC’s, they came out to a chorus of, “bUt ThErE aRe MoDs ThAt Do ThIs AlReAdY aNd BeTtEr!” Probably doesn’t help they were a bit much price wise for what they added.

Personally I’m ok if it turns out that way, I never used a mod in the game anyway :smiley:

*also, damn, just watched that trailer again full screen at full resolution, amazing

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I am quite excited by this! Hope that they can hold true to the original with respect to it’s learning tool aspects. Either way, I am on board :slight_smile:

EDIT: That developer video has my hopes up :slight_smile:


I am torn a bit about mods myself.
I almost always play KSP with mods because they just add so much to the game.
However in my opinion all the DLCs and other features they included into the main game that had been available as mods before that were about as good as the mods, sometimes better. And they were better supported. One of my main problems with mods is that every time the game gets updated I have to check 40+ mods for compatibility.

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yeah, that’s a definite draw back, I generally just like the challenge of trying to do the stuff by myself they way it was intended. I do it the Kerbal way, no math involved and just sorta “eyeballing” it

Oculus controllers in the background. Good sign!


That trailer gave me a good laugh.

I was a little surprised to see a possibly nuclear pulse detonation space craft in the designs whizzing past at 1:42


With the current state of KSP1 and official DLC, the only mods I have been using are MechJeb, Kerbal Alarm Clock and NavyFish’s docking instrument.

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That was a good read. It sounds like they want to keep things true to the original. I’ll definitely be buying it.

Really looking forward to this, it’s got a lot of potential but also a lot to live up to.

I’m curious how they do multiplayer given how crucial time acceleration is to the game.

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Add me to the list of excited people…

I’ve only watched the trailer so far but that was amazing and I loved the combination of epic space videography and explosive fails :smiley:

Awww yiss!


Some concerning news about KSP2’s development.


Yeah, I would have loved to support this game. But I’m currently “on strike” of sorts with as many Take Two published games as I can be. I do not want to support a questionable company (already) that then engages in these types of practices. Game developers and indie studios already have it hard enough with the crap that publishers like EA, Take Two, Activision-Blizzard, etc. pull.

It is a complicated thing.

This video explains a few things about it.
I remain carefully optimistic.

But I totally understand being cautious, as Take2 has a certain history. But so has EA for example and we still got some good games from them. I’ll wait and see. On a game to game basis.

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11:47 Jool is looking very sweet!

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Sadly it has been postponed to late 2021, maybe even 2022 but I am still excited about it.

It’s hitting early access on february 24th! That makes the title of this topic oddly still relevant after all those years :slight_smile: