L-39 NG (New Generation) trainer

Since 1918 in my country (Czechoslovak republic, nowadays Czech Republic) we have a phrase: Air is our sea.

I’m proud that our small country developed one of the best trainer plane on earth (which could be easily adapter to light attacker plane): L-39 Albatros as famous successor of precendor L-29 Delfín and later we developed for Army of Czech Republic more advanced light attacker plane L-159 Alca (with radar and integraiton of AIM-9 Sidewinder, AGM-65 Maverick and Laser Guided Bombs).

L-39 later Aero factory developed in L-59 light weight attacker version for foreigen countries like for example: Egypt.

You proably know fact that L-159 except the Czech Air Force is nowaday also used as trainer in Draken company Draken Europe | Key Aero as well as agressor for USAF The Aero L-159 is efficient, safe and lethal - ACE

I’m proud of Aero factory recently successfully develop new jet trainer L-39 NG (New Generation) which is using commerical engine and avionics to avoid restriction to sell this trainer (or light weight attacker) by US goverment how unfortunately happend in case of L-159 Alca. We already has some buyers like for example: Vietnam People Air Force.
Aero after 19 years when was finished last L-159 started production of new L-39 NG! Final step to bring the first production L-39NG to life. Marry-up of its wing and fuselage took place on the assembly line. | AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s.

BTW here is Vietnam People’s Air Force Academy TV series about cadets on L-39 Albatros

Enjoy it!


I like that! And the L-39 family of aircraft. My old man got the opportunity to get checked out on one stateside, I was pretty jealous!

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I have a thing for the L-39…


I fell down a mound of rotting onions at duxford and found one just sitting there against the fence.

True story. It was silver


Lovely! :heart: I don’t have any.

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L-159 Czech Air Force - simulator cover whole Czech Republic VFR map. It’s not DCS World :slight_smile:



I ran into an Albatros on Sunday too :slightly_smiling_face: