Lame Frame…

So, you got this really cool picture that you want to frame, but all you can find are lame white picture frames…for ordinary people.

That frame will work for a picture of your mother in law, maybe…?
But if you got a reeeally cool pic of awesome aircraft, that you want to put up in your boycave…you need something else. Tape is a better option than that frame.
But, with a little effort, you can increase the coolness factor of that frame, by…a lot!

Buy some upholstery nails, pre-drill holes in the frame. Use a slightly undersize drillbit. Big enough so the frame won’t split, but small enough to give the nail some grab. Use some scotchbrite to rub up the finish of the frame and nails before priming it. Remember to clean with some rubbing alcohol before priming.

Paint in a suitable aviationish style.
I chose light grey and gull grey. It looks a bit dark in the picture, but it’s really nice in reality. I covered it with a couple of layers of matte laquer to get a unform sheen. :+1:


Oh my god that picture is beautiful in the frame


NGL, that’s pretty cool! :sunglasses:

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Awesome sauce!

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@Troll I found this forum from a google search about DIY rudder pedals in which your advice was of great benefit to me.

I get all giddy when I see creative ideas from others. Few things in life give me more satisfaction than finding every day items and repurposing them into something better.

You appear to share the same passion. I am always on the look out for your posts. I’m not trying to flirt with you or anyting. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you.:wink:


Thanks, @PatMat!
True! Making and creating is what drives me… And I too find inspiration from others, online.

So, Mrs. Troll managed to accidentally knock the picture off the wall… The ultra cool frame shattered into pieces.
Go big or go home.
There’s no such thing as overkill.
Those are words to live by…

One black metal frame and some yellow tape later:


Did you placard it properly?



Given what she’s been through recently, I’d say she should be allowed to break a few precious things.