Lancaster Skies Movie Trailer


They didn’t fly formations at night, did they?

They very often didn’t fire the defensive guns either. The flashes gave away the positions of the aircraft at night.

It looks like they used East Kirkby’s Lanc, “Just Jane”…

Quick google check and yes it is. £80k budget, scale models for the air combat.

It’s very noble wanting to tell the story of bomber command, but why wouldn’t they get basic facts right. :man_facepalming:

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Just Jane needs £2m investment to get her to fly again. I’m Hoping this film helps that sum be raised. I’ll do some digging and find out

I saw a Lancaster in person once at the EAA Air Show in Oshkosh, WI. Only a few years ago actually. I knew these aircraft were big but was just blown away how big the Lancaster was right in front of me. I might have some pictures from that outing somewhere here on my pc. If I can find, I’ll share.


Ive seen the bbmf Lancaster literally 50+ times over the years and EVERY time without fail it is a showstopper. It comes over the display line cranked right over and the whole place stops for a second or 2. It’s without question the most awe inspiring moment i can think of at an airshow that is a regular occurrence. Fabulous.


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Interesting enough, the B-17 is smaller than I thought it was. The interior is positively cramped for anyone over 5’6 or so.

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It likely came from Hamilton, ON. They have one of the few flying ones. They have a show next weekend with walk-through tours, I am planning on going.


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a taxi ride on Just Jane. I have got some pics which i’ll dig out if you’re interested.

Whilst the Lanc does look big from the outside, it’s all bomb bay and very cramped inside.

The trip along the fuselage is difficult and impaired by the main wing spar, which you have to climb over to get to the main crew positions.

I’m a tad shy of 6ft, at around 178lbs, yet trying to back out of the rear gunner position was an effort and that was dressed in jeans and a light jacket.

There was a veteran wireless operator on the same ride I was on that was shot down during the war. He was watching me struggle out and said something along the lines of “Now imagine doing that in pitch darkness in full kit on oxygen” - total respect for those guys. I can’t imagine the terror they endured.


Funny enough there was a B-17 and a B-24 on the same tarmac so I could actually compare them all and I remember being surprised how much more gargantuan the Lancaster was compared to the B-17. I don’t remember how it compared to the B-24.

I just remember thinking how small the B-17 looked in comparison. :smile:

You are correct Wes. I do remember it was from Canada which I thought was neat. I seem to recall also in the information out on the tables in front of the Lancaster that there was mention there were only 2 maybe three left in the world (which included the one from Canada) but cannot remember where the other two were from. I’m assuming over in Europe, specifically England. I believe I have video of this beast taking off and leaving EAA. If I can find it, I’ll post later.

You’ll have to forgive the poor quality. I was trying to learn a new camera system and it’s video settings plus I was a bit back in the crowd. People kept moving in front of me.

I remember loving the sound of those engines! Boy, this brings back memories. :slight_smile:


Was that our B-25 as well? When it’s back in “revenue service” I am thinking of buying a ride on that. ($500CAD, but I have a $300 gift towards that from my parents I haven’t cashed in yet. :grin:)

Yep. Got more pics of that one as well. Beautiful aircraft. You’ll have to share your pictures/videos of your ride with us all. That will be fun.

A DCS Mosquito. Yes please. But hurry!

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WOW that’s amazing! Lucky! One of the guys I fly with has just paid a large sum to do the same with the mosquito they have there as well.

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