Land Rover: From Series I to the Defender

A condensed Land Rover primer for the rest of us.

“The grille was also plastic now, preventing it from being used to cook meat in the bush.”


I’ve owned a series iia a series iii and 2 defenders. Cracking cars. I love them but they are FAR to expensive.

Fun fact. My series 3 I found in a field. It had all the doors open and was used by the farmer to cart pig feed around. It had an 8 inch branch growing through it and hadn’t moved since the early 90s.

I asked the farmer if he wanted to sell it and he said if I get it going and remove it I could have it for £50.

I filled the fuel filter up with diesel and turned the engine over by hand a few times. Pinched the battery off my wifes car and took a foot pump to blow up the tyres.

It spun over 3 times and immediately started. I got it home with zero drama. Jet washed the INSIDE of it and out some seat cushions out of a transit van I had kicking around.

I took it for an MOT test and the tester failed it on handbrake effort too low. It took 2 mins to fix and he retested it there and then and passed it. I kept it 3 years. It never once let me down. Sold it for £1200 awesome


I love the Defenders, pretty much my favourite car. I’d love to own am old one along with a VW campervan. I do like the look of the new ones too though, they’ve kept what made the looks of the original.

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So this is the wife’s newest ride. Picked it up last Friday. In a homage to @Troll, we decided to get a Volvo. :sweden: Let us hope she has better luck with it than her husband has had with other Swedish-produced vehicles. :open_mouth:

For the illustrious Mudespike Board of Governors, maybe a What We are Driving (that doesn’t intentionally fly) thread? :grin:


Awesome ride!
The XC40?
Had a XC40 rental two weeks this summer. Loved it!


It is an XC90. She wanted more power. :open_mouth:

I’m looking at getting an XC40 T5…or an HP Reverb…decisions, decisions … :thinking:

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Nice! I almost picked up a V60 AWD a couple of months back that was a steal of a deal (though I REALLY wanted a Polestar).

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Just dont get the one with canards fitted or you will never be able to park it…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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