Landed at Batumi 2nd time whoooooo

Dont mean to brag but can this site do UL of trk files to show some newbies like me what you are doing on a mission. Eg waypoints ,speed, altitude , AoA etc ( Flight refueling might take too much time ). A Picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine a video , and they would outdo YouTube by miles.


Well, I’ve seen guys do Tacview in YT, so it must be possible to basically do what you ask.

I’m just not certain how as it’s not something I do personally.

Edit: If I am understanding correctly that you want to see other people’s tracks, I can’t help but think the YT guys like the Grim Reapers, Growling Sidewinder, Spudknocker, etc have uploaded several of their missions for you to learn from.

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YES congratulations! :smiley:


Congrats on the landing! I love flying sloppy circuits in any plane, especially the tough ones (F-14, MiG-15, I-16 are my top three). I can dump a track here next time I fly, which plane are you interested in? I own about half of the planes that aren’t too modern.

Big difference in difficulty depending on what you’re landing, of course.
A-10A? Easy.
MiG-21? NOT easy.
Harrier vertically? WOW hard.

Which one did you manage to safely touch down?

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