Landing Challenge U81 - C53 - 2000lbs of cargo

I picked up the twin otter yesterday and was doing some bush flying. I randomly picked a mountain strip in Idaho (U81*, and a reasonably close by strip to land at (C53). Loaded up the twotter to 50% fuel and 100% cargo, and off I went. Then it got interesting, interesting enough I’ve spent a couple of hours seeing what all aircraft I can get into C53 with a ton of cargo and 50% fuel.

So far I’ve managed to get the PC-6 and the twin otter in. My attempts with the Islander have failed, but I’ve gotten close. It’s a pretty quick trip maybe 30 mins depending on how aggressive you want to be with the throttle. Plenty of cloud rocks, box canyons etc.

U81 - Cold Meadows USFS Airport | SkyVector and one of my favorite cautions - * RODENT ACTIVITY ON AND INVOF ARPT.

C53 - Lower Loon Creek Airport | SkyVector

As I am a barely competent STOL pilot (if that) I’m curious what all everyone is able to land.


Man do you ever have to know how to find that lol

I got the Islander down and stopped. It wasn’t a pretty landing, and the stall horn was giving me grief but I made it. Not something I would be comfortable with IRL though.

Low, slow and pretty much committed.



I could tell it was at the Y in the river, but I circled quite a bit before I was sure on what exactly the runway was.

Nice! I decided to give the Islander a break after flying into a box canyon for the second time in a row. I was pretty sure it was doable, and I am not surprised it was dicey.

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Just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, I flew it again…

I also tried the King Air 350i . It used a bit more runway, but I was able to get it stopped.
The title of the video is “Don’t Sink” :smile:


Nice, you greased the islander in on that one. If I can avoid making a left when I need to make a right on the approach down the river (into a box canyon, that the islander isn’t making it out of) I think I can make that work.

Very nice on the King Air, I wouldn’t have expected that one to make it.

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Some drop a dh8c-4 in there. Haha. Reverse thrust should be able to handle it :joy:

I got the Skymaster in there, but can’t get the Airbus down. I’m pretty sure I’d roll it off the end anyway, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

The power response in the stock A320 is so crummy that I can’t get down over that last hill and get the power back up to break the rate of descent.


Does this count?

I didn’t knock over that stool. It was like that when I got there, I swear!

Technically, I didn’t crash. Although, they may as well turn this thing into a diner. Cause it’s never flying out of here! :rofl:

The FlyByWire mod made this Bus fly soooooo much more like the real one. Should have tried it sooner.


If you have to ask, you already know

By the the way, its yes :rofl:

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Gutsy move Mav! :sunglasses:


just checking U81 in XP. this is default scenery in vFlyteAir Navion.
as for the scenery, there is nothing to see here obviously. it needs some orthos and better trees definitely :slight_smile:

but in certain situations it can still look relatively good


That Navion is just gorgeous!

(The registration is cute but as improbable as the broken stool under the A320)

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Hey, it wasn’t a very well made stool.

I think we should just chalk it up to an Act of God and leave it there.

I didn’t expect a Spanish Inquisition.


No one ever does!


and how about this little bird? :slight_smile: (its Cicare8 from vSkyLabs and scenery now with ortho and better trees)


That’s a nice little chopper!