Landing heavily damaged he-111


first time I have used the sc2500 bomb did they make anything bigger in the war?
This is the biggest bomb I have seen in BOS so far


Nice skin on that He-111. Is that a stock skin that comes with the simulator?


My bad…I thought the title was “Landing heavily damaged F-111” and I was like “Oh wow! @Bogusheadbox is going to be really upset.”… but then I saw that it wasn’t and I was like “never mind.”


in australia we had the f-111 for ages great plane


yes, came with the game



Lol the pig looks more graceful bellying in than on those big dumpy disney-looking main gears they had. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did a version 3 addicted to dropping the sc 2500 bomb




Heh! "Taran"at 1:14!