Large screen curved Monitor

Looking to maybe get a large screen curved monitor (around 42" or larger). Don’t really know who makes a good one and what are the good ones (or the ones to stay away from)
Any help and suggestion would be great

Yeah… I know someone will say go VR… but I am not really in that space right now.

I am no expert but have a vague idea of what’s out there so let’s try to narrow it down.

What else do you want from the screen, besides the size and the curved panel?

I assume 4K and at least 60Hz is a requirement.


What kind of framerates will your computer render at the desired resolution?

→ Do you want the screen to support higher framerates than 60 fps?
→ Do you want it to support variable refresh rates, so the image stays smooth as your computer’s rendered refresh rate drops below 60 Hz?
→ if yes, does it need to be Nvidia compatible? Then you are looking for a G-Sync screen. Otherwise just the open DisplayPort FreeSync standard will work fine with AMD.


No idea of most panel’s developments since IPS became the norm in this area. I do know that OLED is the only way to get perfectly black black.
But it is also very expensive. If you don’t have a strong opinion, check reviews and go for a non-OLED IPS panel.

What is more important for you? Colors or high / variable low refresh rates?


I was eyeing a curved 34 inch OLED but held off, mainly because I was concerned about loosing the vertical space of my current 32 inch.

Then I saw this yesterday

and it accidentally/on purpose ended up in my cart, and now it is somehow making it’s way to my house. It’s not 42, but I can report back if you’d like (whenever I figure out how to rearrange my desk to fit it!)

(edit since the preview isn’t working, it’s the “Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3821DW”. Vertical seems to be close to what I have, and it has a pretty nice discount of 250 off)

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@Elby would definitely promote 55", no less :slight_smile: but size around 42" is not that bad imo. saying it looking on 55" also.

the problem is, there are not many 40 / 42" monitors and iirc there were some. the only one I noticed recently is the Asus mentioned in other thread here.

Hi Speck.
The 38" curved monitor from Alienware (Dell) seems very tempting. (Since this will be on my desk - about 2 feet from my eyes, perhaps 42" is about the highest I should go or it may be to close up for vision). Currently my monitor is 32 inch flat screen

Anyone with a curved monitor…does movement feel more intense on a screen (ie. flight - do you feel more surround vision…is it work that)

I have Nvida game card 3090 to be exact so I assume Nvida compatible is necessary. Frame rate, refresh rate and color are all a yes…so the best I can get with that.

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I bought an iyyama 34 inch curved screen and love it. I also have VR but a good monitor is still a must and my curved one is the biz imho

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Another one I was looking at is this one is the SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor | QHD, 240hz, 1000R Curved, QLED, NVIDIA G-SYNC & FreeSync | LC49G95TSSNXZA Model from Amazon.

From what I read, it may be a touch better then the Dell,but the Dell is pretty good by it’s own right. The price is about the same ($100 dollars cheaper in Canada than Dell)

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Yes I can definitely attest to its temptingness but not much else at this point. Reviews seem good? I dunno, it can be tough to decide but for me it made the most sense so I went for it.

I bet 42" would be great too, I was looking for OLED as well as a curve, which is why I went with the one I did.

Good luck!

Thanks Speck…let me know what you think of the Dell once you get it.

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Good points already presented. Here is one more thing to choose:

Which curvature to get. There are 1000R, 1500R, 1800R, and maybe even more options. The R-number meaning the radius of the curve in millimeters. For the most immersion I went for for the tightest curve (1000R).

I have been very happy with the following ultrawide, which is kind of office/gaming combination with USB-C display support and 100Hz HDR10 with freesync (also compatible with nvidia):

Some observations after using it for almost a year now:

  • 1000R curve is ‘immersive’. First it feels strange, especially for office use, but it will quickly grow on you. Then all the flat panels start to feel strange. For gaming it also brings some immersion boost because it will cover more of your field of view.

  • VA-panel has been good. I like the contrast and colors better than IPS, but then again VA panel is quite picky about you being perfectly centered.

  • Freesync and 100Hz have been quite enough for my gaming needs

  • Most 3D games do not support barrel/spherical projection, which would be the correct one for curved displays. The 3D graphics is ‘corrected’ for the flat displays by warping the picture near side edges in horizontal direction. This is not optimal for the curved ultrawide.

BINGO … 55” 4K panel. Save yourself $1500. :slight_smile:

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I have been researching this topic as well. I currently use a 34-inch ultrawide, slightly curved. I like it but would gladly trade it for a flat 42 inch. I looked at TVs (still considering) and looked at the new OLED gaming monitors (but so much harder to find locally for a good price). Then there’s the new QD LED from Dell, although for the same sizes I’m already used to.

However, coming soon next year is a little of a novelty option, that caught my attention because of the size, and it works for your curve requirements. Those bendable new 45-inch panels.

The adjustable curve seems gimmicky, but a 45-inch OLED ultrawide optimized for computer use definitely checks a few boxes for me…

The main thing is that this is 45-inch 1440p. Great for not overworking your GPU, not so great for work… And if that is not so good for work, would it be much better than just buying a 4K 42-inch LG C2? (Can I even run DCS at 4K) Those are still questions that I’m considering.


Well I’ve had it up and running for a week now (the AW3821DW) and it’s… not bad? Pretty good?

I’m sure if I was going from a 27 inch or smaller I’d be more impressed, but going from a 32 I guess I should have expected the impact wouldn’t be quite as great. The curve doesn’t really do anything for me either, at first I actually didn’t like it but now I’m used to it and it’s fine.

I’m having a hard time getting the color where I want it, even after messing with it, it still has that kind of garish ‘tv in showroom floor mode’ look to it. It’s not terrible though, just doesn’t really seem that much better than what I had, picture wise.

I guess this is the kinda thing that happens when you don’t wait quite as long between upgrades, diminishing returns and all that.

On the plus side of things it’s great for work. Those spreadsheets really can spread themselves out to their full, mind numbing glory, office apps and whatnot can have their own little dedicated section off to the side. I was hoping to be more happy about the purchase from a gaming perspective, but I do spend enough time on this for work that for work alone it’s probably worth it.

And to be fair I haven’t given it a real shot gaming wise, DCS looked great but 3840x1600 is too much res for my trusty ol’ 1070 to bear. All the more reason to get going on my new build I suppose; have had all the parts for a while but got gun shy at the last minute. Been six years since I’ve done a full build so confidence is low, this will be a good kick in the pants to get going.

Anyway short version for jack72, it’s okay but I bet you’d be happier with a 40 something inch one.

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I just used black friday to get a LG C2 42" OLED “TV” (used as a Monitor in 99% of the time) and mounted it on my old monitor arm. Upgrade from a 34" Ultrawide 60Hz IPS panel and I’m more than happy.
120 Hz, OLED Color/Black, GSync, 4K. Jump from 60Hz to 120Hz is bigger than I thought. Mouse is a lot more responsive. DCS looks great, especially at night. But I might have to tweak it a bit with Reverb to get more out of it. TrackIR is working great at this size as well, thats a plus.
Because it will have a dual purpose, I will see how a full day of home office will work out, but I guess with some window management tools that won’t be a big problem.


noice! glad you have the same impressions as me regarding transition from 60Hz up. its really that good! :slight_smile:

plus the size of 42" is really nice for 4k monitor.