Last F-4 Phantoms Menace Star Wars Canyon

Now there’s a click bait title…!

Last U.S. Air Force Phantoms Menace Star Wars Canyon! - YouTube


You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

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+1 for the title pun…

I hate seeing those with drone paint! What a crying shame. I know that they have to go, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

Hopefully they’ll spare those two and move onto more deserving targets: namely lawn darts

Last time the F4 will fly through the Star Wars canyon, the reason will break your heart!


But those could still be cannibalized for parts since the 16 is still in service. We’d need a target that’s been out of the game for a while that we can dispose of safely.

Hrm… :neutral_face:

There are seven flyable Tomcats at AMARC. That’s barely enough for a good weekend at Eglin.

Obvious solution is to just remove the Dart from service and transfer the budget to A-10s. I’m reliably informed by Tyler Rogoway that the A-10 can do A/A better than the F-16 anyhow. Boom! Several hundred drones available overnight.

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Someone posted a pic of an airplane graveyard full of F 111. I’m telling you, let’s use those… if they don’t fall to pieces during take off, or climbing, or on cruise or… you know.


It’s just a novel form of weight savings man. Jettison half the aircraft- the reduced mass gets you some amazing fuel economy.

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