Last QF-4 shot down

Another end of an era in a way. The last QF-4 target drone was destroyed over the Gulf of Mexico apparently in the last flight of its kind…

Hard to believe that F-16s will be used next…(I think they already are being used)…


Finally! Now we can use the F-16 for its true purpose. Target practice for F-15s…

… the heck you say! :slight_smile:

Not the last QF-4. Simply the last from Tyndall, where the QF-16 is now the primary FSAT. QF-4 operations continue at Holloman AFB, NM for another year or slightly longer.



Good info @ST0RM - thanks for that.

Darn semantics! I would have titled the article “Last Tyndall QF-4…” Instead, I read it as the last one evahhhhh!!!

LOL…thanks for the correction…!

A very good video of some F-15’s engaging the QF-4’s