Last Season of A-10C shows... go see them in 2024

After 2024 the A10-C air show team will disband… a sad day if you ask me. Last chance to see their airshows in the US…

A-10 Demonstration Team (


Heartbreaking news.

Suspect the demo scheduled in September in Santa Maria is a Planes of Fame event.

Only chance I have on their schedule to see them is at the October event in Huntington Beach.


I didn’t know there was an A-10 demo team, looks like Midland in September is gonna be my shot.

I hope to see them at MacDill AFB at the end of the month. The F-35 is listed as a static display and it will be my first time seeing one live.


I’ll be there… weather permitting. Riding my motorcycle up from Naples. :wink:

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