Last Train Home Recommendation, PC via Steam

This comes out tomorrow and looks fantastic. I’ve been following it for a while now. There’s a demo on Steam which is pretty good. It’s based on a true story of Cheks after WW1 trying to get out of Russia. They actually have an annual re-enactment and one of the train cars on display in Chek, not even going to spell it, lol.

It’s a tactical RTS plus train management game… try the demo, get the game or wait for a sale or patches because we all know almost all day one released games have tons of bugs. :wink:

BTW THINK it’s only SP but may be wrong.

Last Train Home | Explanation Trailer - YouTube


Broadcasting a first look at 2 PM Eastern. gotyoursixgaming on Twitch.

watch live or later… just to see what it is and how it plays, not that I’m any good. lol