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Anyone else having threads that have been full read pop up as unread, complete with number of new posts? Almost like the info storing your last view has disappeared?

Are you blocking cookies?

Did you change anything in your preferences? The link is probably

I block cookies, but haven’t seen that issue. Strange.

Not blocking and didn’t change anything. It doesn’t happen a lot. Pretty random.

What browser (os/version) do you use? Might be a browser-specific bug.

The Android app. It may just be desyncing

The app uses the web browser that’s installed in the phone/tablet as a component to work. If it’s an older version of Android it might not work so well. For comparison, see if the ‘Chrome for Android’ as a stand-alone browser app does any better with the site here on your device (Chrome for Android can be got from the Google Play Store).

I’m all up to date on everything.

It’s not a huge deal was just curious. It’s only happened twice since I’ve started using it.

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Reusing thread:

Guys, is there a way how to make the forum remember where I finished my read in a thread? I mean in a thread which I already saw and rereading it.
Also the nav slider on the right side of the thread I dont find very precise on mobile devices.
Thx for any hint.

As you said, first time through it will remember your latest position, but after that the nearest thing is to click on a date of a post and it’ll turn it into a link that you can bookmark.

I’ll take a look on option for the mobile scroller, it is fiddly to use on small screens.

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Revisiting this, i think there’s something weird going on with this functionality lately.

It often happens to me lately that the forum front page shows one unread thread, but when i click on the link, a page comes up that says i don’t have any unread threads. This i can reproduce.

On the other hand, it seems that there are threads with unread posts that don’t show the green number indicating the unread posts. This is somewhat vague in that it sometimes happens, other times it doesn’t.

Probably the chat topic, scroll through that. I turned it off from the main header (it had more complaints than actual chat) but you can still access it via the category page for #hangar-flying.

If not that then report at, as they’ll ask stuff like what browser you use etc.