Launcher GUI Utility by Skate Zilla

Does anybody know how to get the DCS Update Utility by Skate Zilla to launch DCS from the multithread launcher? I tried changing the path to that launcher but the app doesn’t read that as a valid DCS version. Thanks

Hey @Marv and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

Let’s page Mr. @SkateZilla

Hey @Marv

I suspect you are using an old version of the tool. The latest has a button to enable/disable multithreading.

Just download the latest from the ED Forum post:

You can also find it in the first post in our own thread for the app:

Version 2.0 when the Root \DCS World\ Folder is set, should scan for MT Binaries, if they are present, allow the user to toggle MT On with the button immediately under the launch buttons.

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Thanks a lot. I was indeed, as much as I hate to admit it. I assumed automatic updates and remained oblivious. Excellent.

Auto Updates were turned off a long time ago,

as many server hosts simply have issues with using them for app deployment, rightfully so.

I went through 3 Server Hosts in a year.

Perhaps ED could host? :wink:

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technically they are, as it’s an attachment on their forums…

but as far as hosting it for updates, I doubt it.

That would revoke the non-affiliation line, so people would assume ED is responsible for support.


You could always ask them. If people are smart enough to figure out where the update traffic is pointed, they are smart enough to not hold ED responsible for your product :wink: