Leap Motion Controller for DCS/Oculus?

Hi all,

Has anyone succeeded in configuring Leap Motion/Orion for use with DCS? It works okay with Flight Simulator X, but would love it in DCS.

I see a lot of threads and posts in the ED forums regarding this , and have not seen a single post claiming success .

I stumbled across this video on Youtube which shows that the old Leap Motion tech maybe still has some use in DCS.

DCS and hand tracking: tutorial and review (Leap Motion)

Now, let’s see if I can get my hands on a cheap Leap Motion controller…

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That looked a whole lot more stable than it used to… Cool!

Yeah, I use an old leap motion like this.

It’s got a lot less easy to use now the throttle and stick are “grab” enabled. Basically it will give priority to the VR controller over the physical hotas, so if you’ve got your cockpit set up with the controls in the “right” place then it can be unusable. I’ve bugged it on the forums and asked for an option to disable the VR flight controls, but nothing yet.

I’m using the leap motion with a wrapper to pretend to be Vive controllers in SteamVR, using SDraw’s fork of the Driver_Leap plugin:
Driver_Leap on Github

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Also - while you can “push” buttons, I’ve bound left and right mouse to buttons on my stick. You basically point at the control you want and left or right click it. It sounds unintuitive, but when it works it’s way better and more direct than using the mouse. Some controls in some planes are too small or have the active areas in weird places, but they’re getting better as the years go on.

The problem with just “pushing” controls is you won’t always get the motion (left or right click) that you expect. Not a problem for toggles, not good for dials.

You’ll need the point and click action to select radio menu options at the very least.

I think this could be so much better if it had native leap interface rather than the wrapper pretending to be a Vive controller…

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Maybe the option to switch the Leap Motion controls on and off (by clicking a button on the HOTAS?) would provide a better working solution (as was already mentioned in the video).

I do not know whether that is possible.

Tonight I am picking up a cheap used Leap Motion Controller so I can start to experiment with it!

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Possibly - I haven’t tried it!

That sounds similar to the way I handled mouse interactions prior to getting VR, I think, and it was intuitive fairly quickly.
“Normal” setting, mouse is a free-look control, with no ability to interface with the cockpit. ‘Middle Mouse Button’ engages “Clickable Cockpit Mode”. That meant free look was no longer available, but knobs, switches and in particular doohickeys were manipulable.

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