Leap Motion: Orion


With VR in mind (and especially as the Vive has a forward pass-through camera), this seems promising in terms of hand-tracking tech. I can imagine my hand appearing in that DCS cockpit already, just to flick that EAC switch behind the throttle :wink:


OMG! We have come a little ways from our caves…

Thanks for sharing.

Isn’t Leap Motion that thing that some flight simmers tested and everyone ended up sending it back because it isn’t even near the accuracy needed?

Or is this a new product?

Same hardware, but new software. It’s a simple $79 sensor that’s been under development for years now. If they all sent it back then I guess they miss out. :slight_smile:

Nice two camera demo:

Leap Motion is on sale at $39 and is half price just for today (29th Feb).