Learned something new today about X-Plane

So I was trying to do some research into the whole aircraft carrier arresting cables stuff…and was doing some testing. I was messing around with some aircraft that are not carrier capable…but DO have arresting hooks installed for airfield arresting during emergencies. So I loaded the AMX…and sure enough, it trapped aboard the carrier. Then I loaded the Alpha Jet, which has no arresting cable at all, and that was able to trap too. Soon I realized, it doesn’t matter if the X-Plane aircraft has an arresting cable or not…as long as you land in the defined touchdown zone of the carrier, it will stop you! I never knew that. Kind of a disappointment…I was hoping that arresting hooks would be required…but whatever…

Pretty sure it was a 3-wire…



I knew there was something wrong about dat ass. The arresting gear is far too aft of where it ought to be. Check out that picture and compare it to the one below.

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My KMUD NOLF is pretty close to the actual landing area dimensions and the cables are placed at the correct distance - I found the distances somewhere on the web and they seemed accurate. Placing them in X-Plane WED as close as I could… Of course, they still don’t function…but…

LOL…so much for “simulation” regarding X-Plane. :slight_smile:

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