Leatherneck DCS F-14A/B

Leatherneck has updated/released it’s F-14A/B site with some beautiful renders of the model and some talk about it’s features.

Our DCS: F-14 package will contain both the -A and -B versions of the F-14, each version retaining their unique characteristics and quirks. In this way, we hope to be able to capture the widest range of F-14 Operational history, including ground-attack capability.

The Jester AI feature seems particularly impressive!

The Jester AI system is a proprietary, brand new RIO/WSO AI designed to be integrated with our multi-seat aircraft for DCS World. The importance of implementing such a system quickly became apparent as we realized the workload put on both RIO and Pilot in the F-14 Tomcat. The system will be fully voiced and feature an easy-to-use GUI to allow you to quickly send commands to your RIO.

Go check it out. Go!

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It may just be me but this info might be two weeks old :smile: