Leatherneck miniupdate May, 6

Leatherneck little update, F4U-1D Corsair delayed with the pacific teather to late summer, and news about fixes on Mig-21bis

[quote]Hi All,

We’ll try to crosspost most of the important posts we make on the forum in this thread- to avoid them being buried in the depths of a thread and information being limited.

On the F4U-1D Corsair
The F4U-1 is on a very temporary development hold as we wait for some new terrain technology to become available in the core engine- as well as focus fully on the AJS-37 until completion.

I’d expect us to announce/show the Pacific project in full before the end of Summer, however- and a release of the Corsair this year.
It’s still being very much actively worked on in general, there’s just a temporary lull for the Corsair itself.

On the MiG-21 not working in 2.0.2
We’re waiting for some engine binaries to be made available so that we can properly debug and fix the 2.0.X issues.

On the radar issues in 1.5.3
Radar bugs in 1.5.3 have been solved and will be available in the next patch.[/quote]


Say what you want but I love these guys. :slight_smile:


Hoorah! That is excellent news on the radar bug fixes!