Leatherneck Reshuffling

Best of luck to neo-leatherneck and the company formerly known as leatherneck! :thumbsup:


Finally, something to talk about regarding DCS!

@nicholas.dackard is going to be busy then. Cobra Simulations? Heatblur Simulations :slight_smile:

(@near_blind - you want me to merge this wit t’other one?)


Your choice :smiley:

I figured it warranted it’s own thread as it was not directly F-14 related, but I defer to your forumy wisdom.

I’d rather shut this place down than make moderation decisions. I liked it better when we had no posts.

Dunno, let’s leave it I guess. :f14: :f14: (the one on the left is owned by FROGENTERPRISES III LLC btw)


Cobra on Hoggit:

Dear All,

For some time, we have been working on an amicable parting of ways between members of the original MiG-21 development team.

I have relinquished my stake in the Leatherneck Simulations trademark and brand to the newly minted Magnitude 3 LLC, who will continue supporting the DCS: MiG-21bis, along with the development of other exciting new DCS modules. I wish my former colleagues the absolute best in their future endeavours!

The entire DCS: AJS-37, DCS: F-14A & B and other development teams will transition to the new Heatblur Simulations banner, a new trademark and subsidiary owned in full by myself. We continue to look forward to a very bright future, filled to the brim with high quality and exciting products.

Thank you all for your support and understanding, you all represent one of the most amazing and supportive communities ever to exist.

We’re looking forward with excitement to launch our new site and brand in the next few days!

Yours truly,

Nicholas Dackard

Founder & Lead Artist

& the Heatblur Simulations team:

Daniel Malmquist (Ph.D)

Xueqian Zhao (Ph.D)

Bert van Leewuen (M.Sc)

Christoffer W.

Gregory Smiddy (B.Sc)

Andrew O’Donnell (B.Sc)

Teodor Frost

Andreas Sandin

Anders Karlsson

Andrzej Osiecki

Bartosz Lemke

Stirling Rank

Kevin Miller

Alexander Jacobs

Jonathan Törnqvist

Sylwia Raczynska


Oh dear, i hope that doesn’t imply too much turbulence for either company.

Apparently not:

this has been known for quite a while and will have no demonstrable impact on the development of either Leatherneck or Heatblur products.
It’s business as usual (sort of) for everyone involved.

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So, basically, we have TWO Leathernecks now?

This works for me.


Yep, I’m kind of hoping it’s a sort of DCS module maker’s mitosis division type thing too. Good luck to them both.

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Good luck to both teams. Hopefully all goes well for everyone involved from here on out.