Leatherneck Simulations Mini-Update - SEPTEMBER 2015

Cobra has posted a small update on the ED Forums, including a preliminary DCS 1.5 changelog for the MiG-21Bis and some notes on their plans for future products and announced an announcement for their two other projects.

Seeing how good their MiG-21 is I’m really hoping for something special.


MiG-21 Changelog:

Here is a general overview of what is changed and fixed in the MiG-21 for the next patch. Some fixes are not listed.

Implemented RU Game Localization
Replaced multiple existing inputs with toggle inputs.
Added 9 New Keyboard Inputs: ASP Target Size, KPP Pitch Set, RSBN/PRGM Channel Select, Radio On/Off, Radio Volume & Chl Selection
Fixed various instances of the Radio not working.
Fixed the Radar operating without electrical power
Increased missile smoke visibility
Fixed the “SPRD Appears on F6 View after use” bug
Introduced special option for ASP pipper gameplay features.
Improved drag chute physics, including chute use in stall/spin recovery (Animation is however still limited)
Corrected Rudder Authority (“Rudder overpowering ailerons”)
Added UUA Sensor animation
Improved Over-G weapon jettison (Dynamic Weight Calculation, per-pylon/weapon limit)
Improved regulated Afterburner throttle control
Partially fixed visible weapons remaining on destroyed/missing wings
Fixed A-A missile lock tone bug
Corrected wing thickness & angle
Various corrections on all weapon pylons
Rebuilt frontal canopy for smooth fuselage transition
Re-Drew rivet and panel lines on rear fuselage
Added red floodlights in cockpit
Dozens of minor 3D/2D issues.
Fixed various Cockpit graphics issues.
Corrected various ASP calculation issues (Incorrect lead, “CCIP”)
Added 8-10 new default liveries.
New specular maps
Sculpted rear fuselage into a new normal map
Added new SPRD Rocket booster model and texture
Corrected placement of SPRD Rocket booster on aircraft
Further optimized external model and textures
Revised gear door textures
Corrected AoA vane animation
Temporarily removed ‘Canopy Icing’ checkbox pending visual implementation

It is possible that some fixes are not listed at all, or listed only partially.
It is also very likely that some fixes may be in progress and not listed here to avoid disappointment, but may be included in the release.


Cobra posted this in the DCS forums: DCS Forum Link

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I never get tired of the Leatherneck guessing game. :smile:

My money’s split between the Viggen, a B+ Harrier II or some variety of F-16.
No matter what it is, I’m looking forward to it!

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F-16 would … I have no words.

All those choices would be interesting.

I both would love (as a combat flight sim fan) and fear (as a member of the ED forums moderation team) if any developer decided to make this aircraft for DCS…


I saw on the ED forum that old MiG-21bis VTOL test. Hmm, you never know…

A Harrier/AV8B would certainly be well received :smile:

Yep, I can only imagine. White-water rafting on the combined tears of joy/fury all round. We’d be moving into the area of religion for a lot of people, sort of like changing the Pope’s hat or something.

Ooh, a Viggen would be rather awesome, especially for the incredibly unique design. Thanks for the update, Cobra- it’s always great getting hints on what you guys are cooking up!

Actually, a bunch of Swedish guys (like Cobra I think?) making a Viggen is much more likely than a Harrier.

How about a poll just for gossip :smile:

Edit: My poll was terribly worded, as in it was really meant to be:

'What do you think Cobra is hinting at when talking about the non-prop new aircraft which may or not include these new bits?:

They include, but are not limited to for example;

  • Ground Mapping and Targeting Radar
  • Complex missiles with Advanced Targeting Parameters
  • Custom shaders for enhanced visual fidelity (e.g. CRT Screen representation)
  • Unique visual features (In-pilot customization, etc.)
  • New audio cues and enhanced fidelity
  • Far more complex avionic and computer systems than in the MiG-21
  • New and unique PFM features and aerodynamic configurations
  • New or unique methods of propulsion or force distribution

Also, if you say ‘Other’ then tell us which one! :smile:

  • Viggen
  • Harrier
  • F-5 Tiger
  • F-4 Phantom
  • Yak 38
  • F-16
  • Tornado
  • other…

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I have to vote F-16 'cause I want it so bad (and yeah, I agree @SiThSpAwN, that would be a PITA for moderators of the forums).

My second vote would be for the Viggen … because I currently work for Saab on material unrelated to defense. But any of the others would also be welcome … though I have always found the F-5 to be uninspiring (that’s just me, I’ve never taken to the F-5).

Its funny, many planes being thrown around here never really interested me, but as I see them develope, the more I want to get in there and try it out… the Mirage for an example… never been high on my list, but as I watch the development I start thinking it might be fun to learn… now to find and extra 10-15 hours in my day :smile:

Oh I’d still fly it :slight_smile:

Holy crap, a Yak would be amazing though. Especially as that would work well with the hinted ships they’re also developing… Kiev, anybody?

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A viggen would be excellent.

Just happy that there is talk about it. The more hype there is and the more developers jump on board, its only good in the end


I went with F4. I would love to see a F16 but think the community would pick it apart.

It fits the included stuff. Complex missiles(agm-88) New aero config(it has been said the F4 proves with enough thrust even a brick can fly) and New force distribution(Nucs)