Left turning bug

Hi, when I try to fly fa 18, it always keeps slowly leaning left for some reason… Even if I use trim, no one else has this bug except me… Please help

Did you check all the controller axis settings?
Verify the controller Input with RCtrl+Enter in game to make sure no unintended inputs occur.


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+1 for @miRage’s advice. Also, are you trimming out with aileron trim, rudder trim or both?

Do you have the pod on the left cheek station and a missile on the right? Even if every other store is balanced, you’ll roll left.


What stick are you using, and how much deadzone do you have dialled in? I was having similar issues with my Warthog, even with repeated calibrating (and it seemed to only be in DCS), so added a tiny bit of deadzone, and that worked.

If you are flying the FA-18 with the NASCAR livery, then left turning is a feature, not a bug.

(Most US citizens should get that. For my European family, NASCAR race tracks are all left turns.)


Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Bowmanville, ON 2.459 Road Course
Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course Concord, NC 2.320 Road Course
Circuit of The Americas Austin, TX 3.427 Road Course
DAYTONA Road Course Daytona Beach, FL 3.610 Road Course
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course Speedway, IN 2.439 Road Course
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Lexington, OH 2.258 Road Course
Road America Elkhart Lake, WI 4.048 Road Course
Sonoma Raceway Sonoma, CA 2.520 Road Course
Watkins Glen International Watkins Glen, NY 2.450 Road Course

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Back on topic… Do you have any other input devices that could be interfering? I have run into that my xbox controller will add a slight roll in if it is plugged in at the same time as my joystick. Is it only with the F18?

Yeah, but you’re getting two, MAYBE three road course races a season, among all the top three divisions in NASCAR. And until fairly recently, teams were bringing in “ringers” a lot of the time, who specialized in turning both left AND right, to get the points for their teams.

But I digress.

@Ggg , any luck so far with our recommendations? Or other information you can fill us in on?

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How old is the controller? Possible some wear and tear? Some other button putting in spurious inputs?

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Good idea, I know Thrustmaster T Flights will glitch out if they are plugged in or a computer is started with the stick connected and any type of input is being done. I’ve had a few issues with that.