Leftover stickers from PC build...

Free to good home. :slight_smile:
Anybody want any of this?

where you at? State side or overseas?

I never got any ROG stickers for my ASUS RoG Hardware ./.

Norway. But that’s not a problem. Regular letter mail won’t cost much.
Send me your address in a pm.

I’ll wait and see if someone closer doesn’t want them, i’m not in desperate need for more stickers.

I’m about to bin ’em :slight_smile:
They are yours, if you want them.

I’ll even send them for free, as a small thanks for your DCS Updater GUI! :slight_smile:


ok, I’m about to start a new build so I could use some stickers.

will send PM./

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I stuck mine on one of my aquariums. All of a sudden, the plants went crazy.

Must be the Intel Inside.

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