Legal action sees Cloud Imperium Games among the sued

Apparently about some contrusction work not being paid. Go figure-
More info will follow.

Meh, dunno what its all about. I backed the game, wish i didn’t. But i hope something comes out of it, despite my growing pessimism.

Me too. At age 47 it will be the last stupid, adolescent, fanboi, reliving-my-youth mistake I make.

It’s not really about the game.
It’s just something that started last november with some missing payment on building works.
It just strikes me as odd.

Being mildly related I put it in Hangar Flying…

Legal stuff sometimes happens much faster than we all would like. That doesn’t have to mean anything. Cloud Imperium moved into some new building (as well as other companies) and someone thinks they haven’t been paid enough for building that, so they sue all the owners. Legit or not, such things happen daily to companies.

As for the game: I also backed it, with some 200 dollars or so, and I already got lots of Entertainment out of that, so it was worth it.
I am happy even though there are some delays. They already achieved some stuff LOTS of people said was completely impossible. Looking forward to more. :slight_smile:

Having a little laugh at myself here. I was 22 when Wing Commander came out. I hardly qualified as “youth” then.